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You control the Software, we provide the Network, Server, Storage and Database

PaaS for E-Commerce

Recuweb PaaS is a platform that allows developers to build the exact custom apps that a unique E-Commerce client needs.

In other words, you don’t have to sort through a long list of “included” and “not included” features when trying to figure out if Recuweb PaaS will work for you.

If other E-Commerce solutions are a finished house with most fixtures installed, Recuweb PaaS is a floorplan and foundation. Everything else is open for development, ready to be built out into a unique, efficient configuration.

In the world of e-commerce solutions, PaaS is ideal for companies that have complex relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and multiple sets of customers.

Platforms like Recuweb PaaS are ready to be built out into multi-portal E-Commerce Stores, with features like varying permissions per user group, variable pricing per user group, CSR interface that talks directly to inventory, and much more.

Pros of cloud-based PaaS

  • API-first configuration ensures that your third-party software will work seamlessly with your store across ongoing upgrade cycles
  • Your custom PaaS solution is built right the first time with functionality that fits your unique, complex operation and the place you occupy in your market
  • You do not pay for a one-size-fits-all SaaS solution that then requires customization to work for your unique business
  • You don’t have to build from scratch. A raw, highly-adaptable framework is provided, ready to be built out
  • Your custom applications are cloud-hosted and can be accessed from any web browser
  • Upgrades are automatic
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Flexible support plans that grow with your business
  • Flexibility in payments
  • Multi-channel order management
  • Order fulfillment tracking


PHP & Woocommerce


Jquery & Bootstrap

PaaS Agreement

Customer's rights and limitations to use the services

Payment System

Integrated payment gateways, Stripe, Paypal...

Modular App

Adaptive Software suitable for CMS and E-Commerce


Email series, hooks and marketing automation

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